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Dental and Medical Office Space Chino Hills for Rent - An Alluring Space For Your Practice

Chino Hills County Medical and Dental Plaza Space for Lease - Entrance

Chino Hills Country Club Medical & Dental Plaza is a 32,300-square-foot medical office complex. This facility offers a quiet backdrop of open space for a community of medical and dental care professionals to construct an office near to local retail possibilities.

Chino Hills County Medical and Dental Plaza Space for Lease - Entrance
Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza Available Office Space

Why is leasing an office space a best option for your medical practice?

Ideally, leases are easier to obtain and have more flexible terms. If you need to negotiate a longer payment plan to lower your costs, this can be a significant benefit.

One of the advantages of leasing is having more liquidity. When you lease you don’t need to make a down payment to move into the space. Leasing lets you tie up significantly less of your cash. You are simply expected to pay upfront fees for an attorney, broker, release inspection, and security deposit. On the other hand, when you buy a property, you need to either pay cash upfront or take a loan to finance it.

Why spend all that money upfront if you can find a physician office for rent in a good and safe location?

More liquidity

You don’t need to make a down payment to move into the space when you get a lease. Because of this, you tie up significantly less of your cash.

The upfront fees you should expect include payment for an attorney, broker, release inspection, and security deposit.

Fixed monthly cost

Generally during a lease, you will not be required to pay for any significant maintenance, repairs, or upkeep to the property.

Although you can expect minor repairs, you would know exactly how much you have to pay each month. You won’t have to worry about unanticipated, expensive repair costs.

Tax breaks

You can deduct lease payments, property insurance, property taxes (depending on the lease type), utilities, and maintenance as they are incurred.

In contrast to the interest-only deduction for a mortgage, you can deduct the entire lease payment.

Increased options

Do you know that qualifying for a lease is often easier? This is true compared to qualifying for a commercial real estate loan.

Leasing gives you more options when it comes to choosing a space.


All Available Space




Rate (negotiable)

Space Use


2nd Floor

2,006 SF

3 Yrs

$33.00 /SF/YR



Space Use

2nd Floor
2,006 SF

Highly covetable medical condo available for immediate occupancy in the Chino Hills Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza. This beautiful unit is on the corner of the 2nd floor with 6 exam rooms, 1 procedure room, breakroom, private restroom and large reception area totaling 2,006 SF.

When deciding to open a medical office, you must consider a number of factors.

How big should your medical office be?

A facility for medical practice should be 1200 to 1500 square feet for each physician. If there are more than one in the practice, then 1000 to 1200 square feet for each additional physician of up to 4 or 5. Certain professional suites, If you are a psychiatrist for example, you have fewer space requirements.

This medical office for lease in Chino Hills is the perfect size for any dental or medical practice. There is also plenty of space for social distancing to keep you, your staff, and patients safe.

If you are a specialist, it is often advantageous to locate in a large medical building. Preferably, it should be near large, referring practices which is one way to create a valuable network. You as wells as other tenants who are in the same field as you will succeed more by introducing yourselves to one another. 

Medical Office Chino Hills For Lease Virtual Tour

Chino Hills Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza Available Office Space - Facade
Chino Hills Medical Office for Lease


Chino Hills Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza Available Office Space - Facade

The building is situated with close proximity to the local retail possibilities and restaurants with easy access to California State Route 71.

It is just 14 minutes to medical hospitals such as the Chino Valley Medical Center. Furthermore, it is accessible through Downtown Pomona Commuter Rail and West Corona Commuter Rail.

If you have patients coming in from outside the city, Chino Hills Country Club Medical & Dental Plaza is adjacent to Airport Terminals such as Ontario International Airport, John Wayne Airport, and Long Beach-Daugherty Field Airport.


California State Route 71 (CA-71)

6 min drive

2.7 mi


Downtown Pomona Commuter Rail (Riverside Line)

14 min drive

8.6 mi

West Corona Commuter Rail

14 min drive

8.6 mi


Ontario International Airport

22 min drive

12.6 mi

John Wayne Airport

40 min drive

31.7 mi

Long Beach-Daugherty Field Airport

56 min drive

45.3 mi

Patients ranked accessibility and convenience as important in choosing their doctor. They would even prefer convenience over your credentials as a practitioner.

Whether you already have a medical practice and are looking for a new location or are starting from scratch, your primary concern as a doctor should be your patient’s convenience. If you work in a field that serves a large number of seniors, operating in an area with a high concentration of hospitals is a good idea. If you’re a pediatrician, it’s a good idea to open an office near a good school.

With the Chino Hills medical office for lease, you are close to medical hospitals and schools. Furthermore, you are putting your medical practice somewhere with comfortable parking, easy access to transit, and with very accessible entry for potential patients.

The City Of Chino Hills

Start your medical practice in one of the safest cities in California. Chino Hills is populated by professionals and is known to have a high median household income that is sure to attract your ideal patients.

Living in Chino Hills provides residents with a sparse suburban feel, and the majority of residents own their homes. Here you can find numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. 

Chino is more of an industrial and commercial area comprising a middle-class residential neighborhood. They have a good school system where public schools are highly regarded. This is probably one of the best places to find a physician office for rent.

Medical Office Chino Hills

Chino Hills region was largely utilized for grazing by mission cattle in the 1700’s. Now, this suburban neighborhood with the majestic landscape of rolling hills offers a peaceful experience. Currently,  there are various practices at Chino Hills Country Club Medical & Dental Plaza. It is the home to pediatric clinics, OB-Gyn, Urology, Dentistry, and more.

"Chino Hills is the 16th safest city in California. This makes a Medical Office for lease in Chino Hills your best choice."
the best choice for you is Medical Office for lease in Chino Hills

Operating a business where you feel safe and protected should not be underestimated. It’s not only thinking about your own safety and the safety of your employees, but also consider your business’s safety as well.

This is especially important if your business has inventory that may be at a higher risk for burglary and theft. You may frequently be running your business alone at night and you can use all the peace of mind you can get.

San Bernardino County

This vast San Bernardino County stretches from where the majority of the county population resides. San Bernardino is an excellent place to raise a family. It has a large number of public schools, health centers, and shopping centers.

There are many family-friendly neighborhoods, and the cost of purchasing a home is reasonable. The county has 38 hospitals serving a population of 2 million people in an area of 20 thousand square miles. This means that there is one hospital for every 55 thousand people and one hospital for every 527 square miles. Finding the best physician office for rent that fits your needs will not be a challenge.

Chino Hills puts your business in a promising community with a median household income of $106,347 —higher than the average in California. You can't go wrong with getting a Medical Office for Lease in San Bernardino county.

You are sure to get a lot of high-quality patients in Chino Hills. What are the best things to consider in finding the best location for your medical practice? First, you should choose an open, friendly, neighborhood. Another one is that it should be accessible and safe

Chino Hills has around 41 percent of its adult residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher. This means Chino Hills has a professional population. The city ranks among the top 17 in Southern California in terms of residents working as scientists, professionals, or managers.

Not to mention, the city has more than 60 thousand residents, and 20 thousand households. There were 17 thousand families according to the 2000 census and a total of 20,414 housing units.

This is a place that needs YOU to help enrich the lives of its residents.