Questions to Ask Before Signing a Medical and Dental Office Lease

Signing a lease is a big step, so it’s important to know that you’re making a good choice of office space. The Chino Hills Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza is an example of a good choice for a medical and dental office space for lease.

If you are looking to rent a medical and dental office in Chino Hills, here are some questions you need to know to make the process a lot easier.

7 Questions You Need to Ask before Signing a a Medical and Dental Office Lease in Chino Hills

Signing a lease for a new medical office and Dental office space in Chino Hills is a huge decision to make. It follows a more complicated process than signing residential leases. One ought to be more prudent when it comes to deciding on renting a medical office or a dental office. 

If you are interested in a medical office for lease and a dental office space for lease, it is essential to put careful thought into the things you need before signing the contract. You would not want to be stuck in a contract for years if it will only hurt your business. 

Let this guide help you determine what questions and considerations you need to make before signing a medical and dental space lease agreement.

1. How much space do I need for my medical office or my dental office?

You would like to consider exactly how much space you would need to open your office. To consider your space requirements, think about the status of your medical or dental practice. Are you starting out or are you expanding your practice? Do you need extra space for your medical equipment? How many rooms do you need? These questions can help you decide how spacious your office should be. 

In addition, if you decide to partner with another physician, you must also discuss what space requirements he or she would need. Knowing this is important so you will not end up with an office too large or too small for your practice.

You can take a look at our medical and dental office pictures and floor plan on the Homepage

2. Does the building have sufficient parking space for patients and staff?

Your patients will give importance to their convenience when visiting your medical and dental office. So, it is helpful to know if the building offers enough parking slots for your patients and the clients of other building tenants. Likewise, there should be parking spaces for you and your staff. The right medical and dental office property will also have a drop-off area in front of the building.

Questions to Ask before Signing a Medical Office Lease

At Chino Hills Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza, you’re assured that there is sufficient parking space allotted for tenants, patients, and staff.

3. Who are the other building tenants?

The tenants in your building is also a big impact on your work environment. When you schedule a property visit, it will be wise to take time to check the other building tenants who would become your neighbors when you move in. 

When you sign a medical office for lease, or a dental office for lease, a physician office for rent among others, having other related medical practitioners in the building can be a great way to set up a referral system. This can benefit your business and others to flourish even more. It will also be more convenient for your patients since there’s no need for them to transfer to another location.

Why is the medical and dental office space at Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza a great location for your practice? Other medical professionals and medical practices are also leasing the property!

This benefits you because it is easier for you to build your professional connection. Not only that but they are responsible and great tenants to be with.

4. What are the other expenses you need to include?

Your monthly rental payment for your medical and dental office is not the only expense you will have. You will also need to consider other operating costs to run your new office space smoothly. This includes your utility bills, maintenance costs, and taxes.

Totaling these expenses to find out your overall costs will help you come up with a budget that you’re comfortable with.

5. Can you make renovations to the space?

When visiting the medical office for lease in Chino Hills and you feel like you want to add or modify the space, you may want to ask the property owner if you are allowed to make renovations or additional construction and what kind of renovations you can make.

6. When is the property available for you to move in?

Ask your landlord if the medical office space will be available on the move-in date that you have in mind. Some landlords agree for you to move in right away and some do not. So, make sure to speak with your landlord about the availability of the leased space before signing a medical office lease contract.

Country Club Medical and Dental Plaza has the space you need for your medical and dental practice. The property is ready for immediate occupancy.

7. What are the lease terms?

So, you have found the right property for your medical practice. It’s now time to discuss the terms included in the lease with your building’s owner.

A lease agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant. Medical leases are more complex than residential leases. So, it will be wise for you to carefully double-check the lease terms in detail. Assessing what are your current and unique needs will help you determine if the terms are beneficial for you and your landlord.

If you have any questions, make sure to clarify them early on. Do you have deal breakers? It’s also important to identify these early on. Also, make sure that both you and your landlord are on the same page.


Here are some questions to help get you started on your discussion:

  • How much is the lease? – The cost of the medical space will be your biggest expense. Make sure that you determine the right amount that you are comfortable with. Many factors also come into play that would entail if the cost will be worth it for your practice. Such as the location, foot traffic, or others. 
  • What specifications are included in the office space? – For example, you can clarify the exact usable square feet that are included in the lease space. You can also ask what are the amenities included with the space).
  • Do you have after-hours access?Check with your landlord if you are granted after-hours access to the property. Having this clause can be a good way for you to have flexibility in providing services or doing necessary work even outside your business hours.
  • How long is the lease term? Leasing medical office space usually lasts a couple of years. You should also be able to determine how long you see yourself staying in the leased space.

Interested in signing a Medical and Dental Office for Lease in Chino Hills California?

Looking for the right medical and dental office space takes a lot of patience. But, knowing the right questions to ask will make everything easier! Call us to ask these questions!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, signing a medical and dental office space for lease agreement is a big responsibility. To ensure the ultimate success of your medical practice, you will need to address these questions at the start. It will save you time, money, and effort in the long term. It will impact the future success of your business.

Being aware of the lease terms at the start is also part of being a responsible tenant.